October 11, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

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Jen Khoury Whatever my neighbors are cooking smells disgusting. Maybe 'Santa' will buy them a cookbook for Christmas this year...and maybe throw in a box of cleaning supplies.

Christian Flores If anyone wants to give me a ticket for tonight's game I will give you my liver or whatever is left of it. Thanks

Jocelin Martinez ‎: Lonely? Need to be noticed?
Cake. Carry a cake.

Selena Ricks Wondering how many brothers will go as the Old Spice Guy for Halloween.

Stephanie Moran focusin on me n my kids.....FUCK U cuz all u do is bring me down...not beat for ur dumbass....doin me heavy n datz howz itz guna be....DUECES

Colleen Krenzer Today's biggest accomplishment? Honing my ability to hit the iMac camera with my nerf gun while skyping with Michael Krenzer, Brady and Mitchell...that's how we roll on Columbus Day, UK style.