November 22, 2010

American Idol changes broadcast schedule – the show will fail regardless

FOX is moving American Idol from Tuesday and Wednesday night broadcasts to Wednesday and Thursday nights, when it returns on January 19th.  This change comes weeks after the announcement that Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez will be the new judges to join Randy Jackson on the panel.

FOX’s decision to change days is to help them keep their number one spot, but NEWSFLASH: The jig is up!  Here are just a few reasons:

  1. Paula Abdul’s departure caused a giant upheaval of strong opinions and major disappointment.  From that point, viewership went down.
  2. Simon Cowell is now gone.  He’s probably 85% of the reason people watched the show.  In ADDITION to his back-and-forth with Paula.  So basically, you’re two star judges are gone. Randy is old news and has seemingly nothing better to do with his time – and this show is just a wash.
  3. No seriously, the jig is up!  NOT ONE person who wins American Idol, with the exception of the FIRST season winner Kelly Clarkson, goes on to do anything substantial or significant.  In fact, it’s usually the runner up that has more exposure to mainstream media.  Lee DeWyze won last year.  I mean, WHO?! What has he done since then? A Ford Focus commercial?

Face it, American Idol – your time has come.  Quit while you’re ahead.  You are NOT the show you used to be….sadly.