November 1, 2010

Awards for the Best Halloween Costumes of 2010


 Most Accurate Depiction of Self-Character

White Russian

Most Likely to Make You Hungry at a Party

Aunt Jemima and the Colonel

Most Pointless Costume?


Best Makeup Job – Like, he actually looks dead or zombie-esque


Most Likely To Be Something I’m Mad I Didn’t Think Of First

American Idol Contestants

Most Hated Pop Icon of All Time

Justin Bieber

Most Likely To Get “Bumped Into” All Night

Wet T-Shirt Contest Winner

Best Representation of a Hollywood Couple

Russell Brand and Katy Perry

Award for “I Wish This Was Something I Could Wear”

Peacock Ensemble

Most Annoying Costume to Walk Around in All Night

Balloon Man

Award for the Greatest Use of Burberry


Most Likely To Be Asked “What Are You?” All Night Long

No really, what is this?

Best Effort Put Into Making a Costume

Candy Land!

Most Ironic Costume

Michael Lohan in a Police uniform in a car with a 16-year-old

Best TV Character Costumes

Steve Sanders from 90210 and The Biggest Loser

Award for Something Different

Car Freshner

Award for "So cute! I’ve never seen this done before”

Best Friend Charms circa early 90’s

Award for “Lots of people probably had this costume, but yours was the best – mainly  because you look like him”

Brett Farve

Award for Absolutely NO CLOTH (note bedazzles and body paint) In Their Costumes

Biddies at the Playboy Mansion

Most Likely to Have Stepped Out of the Movie Screen and into a Halloween Party

Naked Avatar Chick (Also at Playboy Mansion party)

Most Innovative Costume

LITTLE RED RIDING IN THE HOOD (Note the tear – she busted a cap in the wolf’s ass)

Most Artisitc Costume

Pop Art