November 11, 2010

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

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Dave Vollenweider  does driving by the gym count?

Katherine Giovanna Harnden  I am not one to judge, but the Dugger family disgusts me in every way possible.

Adam Lazzara  Thinks the Duggar family needs castration

Zhanna Zonis  wants to know - how do the Duggars afford popping out all those kids, being that the average cost of delivering a baby in the US is between $10K-$15K, the insurance premiums are climbing higher each year, as do the out-of-pocket co-payments?! Is TLC paying for all their child-related expenses? If so, maybe it's time for "Meet the Zonises"... And maybe they can pay for Marik's $500 tetanus shot from a month ago...

Jay McVey  at 12:42 I realized that my fly has been open all morning. SWEET!

Christopher Rothschild  forgot to remember that thing you said that I didn't really listen to.

Mike Travers nicki i wanna minaj with u

Frank J Castillo  will never be mature enough to not giggle when hearing the word 'duty'....

Donna Hanover  hates it when she has a good idea that she should have thought of like, six months ago.

Facebook Status I should Have Come Up with First:

Frank J Castillo  should pay a psychiatrist to follow me on Facebook. Then we can skip the therapy sessions and he can just send me the appropriate pills based on my status updates.