November 5, 2010

What is KIK Messenger?

I’ll tell you.

Kik Messenger is a mobile instant messaging service that was recently re-launched from an original January 2009 launch.

This instant messaging service is similar to Blackberry’s BBM, but works across all platforms: iPhone, Droid and of course, Blackberry.  Basically - “Smartphone to Smartphone”.  THEREFORE, those who stayed with Blackberry because of their “BBM” program and the no-nonsense of “text messaging” charges – can now just Kik it.

The FREE messaging is “real-time” and shows both parties exactly when the message was sent, delivered, read – just like BBM.

By the way, when the app launched on October 21, they had 30,000 users.  In less than one week, the application now boasts 812, 893 users.  The sudden growth was really extensive and Kik had to actually upgrade its servers to sustain the new users!

Apparently, the application developers are now working on options for free legal music sharing – ZlataThoughts will keep you posted.

In the meantime, download this badboy here:

And add me, “ZlataThought” – leave off the last S for “SASS”