December 13, 2010

Miley Cyrus hits the bong; Becomes much cooler

If you haven’t had your head in a cloud of (marijuana) smoke for the past few days, then you heard the news about Miley Cyrus being caught on camera smoking sativa and acting all sorts of crazy.  But, I mean, a good kind of crazy.  Sativa, while legal in California, is a hallucinogen and apparently a huge no-no nonetheless.

If you haven’t seen the clip yet, it’s up on

So now here are my thoughts: WHO THE EFF CARES?  The girl is 18-years-old and whether or not she’s really smoking sativa (legal) or as some speculate, marijuana (illegal) – she’s an effin teenager who is GOING to experiment regardless of her stardom status.  Granted, this isn’t exactly a great influence on her youngster followers, but the ones who are old enough to “get it” probably smoke a little something something themselves and aren’t naive to it.

Personally, Miley Cyrus is cooler to me because of this incident.  In fact, I want to party with her.  According to TMZ, who spoke with several head shops in the LA area, sativa sales have gone up three times since Friday and customers are specifically asking for it by “the stuff Miley was smoking.”  Amazing.

Bottom line is that pretty much everyone smokes something – and if they don’t habitually, then they definitely give it a try.  So whether you’re Michael Phelps hitting a bong or an 11-month-old baby starting early (obviously a joke),  I think that people need to lay off and let teens be teens.