December 6, 2010

New Updates to Facebook

Facebook seems to get more facelifts than a housewife in Beverly Hills! 

Yesterday, Facebook announced on their blog some new changes to the profile pages, rolling out over the next couple of weeks.  If you’d like the changes now, you can go here.


Here’s a recap of the changes:

  • New Introduction: the profile begins with an overview of basic information like where you’re from, where you went to school and where you work.
  • Row of Photos: Underneath the introduction, there is a row of recently tagged photos of you.  ZlataThoughts on this – it’s great to have some photos of you up there – sure, why not? Saves the person coming to your page from doing some extra clicking, since that’s where they’re headed anyway….BUT recently tagged?  Not sure how I feel about that.  I have some douchebag friends that tag me in 1. compromising positions and b. in pictures that aren’t even OF me; just to be funny.  If you’re not by a computer or your phone isn’t compatible, you can’t untag yourself fast enough!  It’s borderline embarrassing – right?
  • Featured Friends: You can now highlight friends who are important to you (read: people you stalk the most) and/or your newly created groups of friends/friends lists.
  • New Experiences: Share your interests and activities, work projects, life philosophies, underwear size, etc. – all in a list form.
  • Photos and Friends Pages: New infinite scroll feature allows for faster browsing of all photos.  Friends page allows you to quickly find people you’re looking for by name, hometown, school and more.

ZlataThoughts would love to get YOUR THOUGHTS on the new Facebook layout!  Click “Comments? Discuss!” to be directed.