December 9, 2010

Venuing: Like FourSquare and Twitter Made Love and Had a Baby…and named it after you.

Essentially, Venuing ( is a website and app for your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc. that facilitates social conversations and networking at/bout particular events.  It's basically FourSquare (checking in) and Twitter (talking about a topic via hashtags) in a fun little married app.

How does it work? After downloading the app, you choose the event you're going to and select the seats you're in as well.  With Venuing's technology, you can see where everyone else who is checked in is seated from an overhead map with 3D views.  So not only are you at the game/concert with your friends,  but you're now checked in with a bunch of other people -- who are all ready to real-time chat. 

So let’s take Jingle Ball for example, an event that Venuing is sponsoring. All you have to do is sign up and use Venuing at the event!  Other people checked into Jingle Ball will be Venuing with you. 

So now your night will probably go something like this:

  • You'll go to the event and check in with FourSquare. 
  • You'll probably update your Facebook Status to let everyone know you're "Going to Jingle Ball!!!" 
  • I'm sure while you're there you'll Tweet your night away to TwitterLand....
  • And now, you'll be able to use Venuing to talk to all the other people at the concert, too.  See where they're seated and what they think of the view from "all the way up there."  The best part for people who aren't at the event -- they can certainly be Venuing from their couch (but you'll know that they don't have an actual seat in the venue.)

Now - the fun part!  At Jingle Ball, Venuing will be having two separate giveaways - the prizes are awesome and it's really easy to win!!

All you have to do is register and access the application that night at Jingle Ball. They will be giving away 4 sets of tickets to the official after party at BB Kings host by Jay Sean and Jesse McCartney. Those tickets are reserved for people accessing the application from Madison Square Garden that night. While Venuing that night, there will be a ticker at the top of your screen letting you know where in the arena to meet a Venuing representative.  The first person to read the message and find the rep will win! (So long as they are over 18.)

The second giveaway is an iPad. Anyone who accesses the app that night from anywhere will be eligible. (This is where Venuing from home comes in!)

Check out the website at to take a tour and sign up!