December 9, 2010

Zlata Observations about The Sing Off

  1. Nick Lachey has freakishly large hands (see HERE) and has absolutely no emotion. Ergo, Ryan Seacrest is so much more popular and well-liked…and gets $40Million contracts.
  2. The guy all the way on the left in this image of Groove For Thought reminds me of South Park’s cartoon character of the counselor, mmmkay? groove-for-thought
  3. Street Corner Symphony has some serious talent.  The group of six has two sets of siblings and two really insane look-alikes.  The main singer, who has an AMAZING voice looks like a combination of Lee DeWyze (winner of 2010 American Idol) and Daniel Stern (the bad guy alongside Joe Pesci in Home Alone).  He also looks like New York City’s Andrew Goldstein.  Meanwhile, the dude in the hat looks exactly like John Lennon.  Fact. street-corner-symphony
  4. Jerry Lawson and the Talk of the Town are basically what Committed will be in about 45 years.’
  5. The Whiffenpoofs is a horrible name for an a capella group; I don’t care if you’re from Yale or not.  Also, I think group personality has a lot to do with the judges’ decisions and the guy on the left is the reason they got booted yesterday.the-whiffenpoofs-of-yale
  6. The Backbeats contains a chick from last season – whose hair was blonde back then.  Though her style could have been perceived and hipster/chic, I just knew she was a lesbian.  This season, she has brown hair and seems more comfortable in her sexuality and is definitely not straight.  By the way, she was a way hotter lesbian when she had blonde hair.  And, the girl has a mean beatbox skill!the-backbeats
  7. Last night, On The Rocks performed a rap song by Jay-Z and Rihanna.  During the intro, one of the group members referenced some “slang” about how he was going to “lay it down” but admitted that he didn’t even know what the phrase meant. After the performance judge Shawn Stockman was like “I don’t know what that meant either!” and made a joke out of it.  But here’s my observation:  Shawn, maybe On The Rocks’ member didn’t mean that it was  BLACK thing – maybe it’s a RAP thing – in which case then, no, you WOULDN’T know – because you were in Boyz II Men and didn’t rap.  Like, why did you have to make it a race issue? on-the-rocks
  8. Nicole S. so desperately wants this show to take off so she can be a famous judge a la Paula Abdul.  Guess what? The show is GREAT and it’s no thanks to you. American Idol was awesome and it was due in part to Paula Abdul (and Simon Cowell.)  Therefore, you can just can it with phrases like “That’s why The Sing Off has to be the best show on TV” and keep going with various word plays centered around the team names.  Case in point: “I don’w konw what you guys are on … but I’ll have it “On The Rocks.”
  9. Ben (Folds Five) makes the most sense on the show and I like how he thanks each group after their performance.

And those are ZlataThoughts on THAT.