April 25, 2011

WingMENandWOMEN - New Site!

Well it looks like this is one of those blogs that I thought has published, but instead - was just saved to drafts -- OOPS!

I found an AWESOME new site that parallels Facebook and MeetUps that has some major potential.  It's called WingMENandWOMEN.com and it's genius.

How many single people are out there who just want to go OUT and do something without having anyone to really do it with?  Whether all your friends are married, busy with their babies or swamped with work - this website allows you to find someone - your WING - with whom you can hang out in your area.

For example, I'm engaged and all that - but there are nights that my Booyance works late and I'd love to find someone in my area to play some tennis with -- BAM -- Let me find myself a wing.  It's really quite perfect.

Some more deets:

Introducing a New Way to Meet People
WingMENandWOMEN.com  is a social community where people all over the world can find other like-minded people in their local area in order to meet up and enjoy life off-line!  It taps into an un-met need in the digital space, providing an opportunity for people to find platonic friends online by searching selectively by age, gender, marital status, mutual interests and location, with the added functionality of a social community including Events Features, Status Updates, and “Wing” Requests!

 A WingWHAT?
These days, everyone needs a “wingman” – that go-to person you can always on to be up for anything. At different times for each of us, life begins to change.  People get married, move to new cities for love or work, have children and simply lose touch with those friends in their lives that were up for anything.
At WingMENandWOMEN.com, anyone in any life-stage can find themselves a ‘Wing’ – who are in a similar life-stage – right in their neighborhood.  Member profiles are thorough with information about age, nationality, interests and what qualities they’re looking for in a “wingMAN” or “wingWOMAN”.

Who Can WingIT?
Anyone is welcome!
·         Singles looking to hit the town for a fun night out
·         Married and interested in new golf partners
·         Newly divorced and looking for someone to make the transition easier
·         Parents looking for other families for play-dates
·         Dog owners in search of walking partners
·         Marathon runners in need of motivating running partners
·         ANYONE!

I've signed up already - so WING me!