May 10, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

I judge your Facebook Status Updates

  • Ben Schwartz You see a matchbook, I see a bathroom air freshener.
  • Erin Robertson Because of Lauryn Kahn and the Michael Bolton video she did on FOD, Michael Bolton for his FIRST TIME EVER became a trendy topic on twitter. SO PROUD LK!!!
  • Skeery Jones Does this guy sneezing uncontrollably at the next table have allergies or do I need to bust out my SARS mask?
  • Shawn Bado Is it wrong that I just click on voicemail and delete all
  • Matt Sullivan If Jay Leno doesn't make a "The Bachelinator" joke tonight, I'm burning my copy of Leading With My Chin.
  • Ravit Gilletti ‎10 years ago today I spilled coffee on my shirt, went to Disneyland and fell in love. Happy 10 years you :-)
  • Kylie Edmond I was just told I look like a cleaned up Ke$ha....compliment or insult? Not sure
  • Andrew Goldstein Happy 51st birthday to Bono. Nowadays when he sings "Where The Streets Have No Name" it's bc he can't remember the name of the streets.
  • Suzanne Lyons Dear Gaga: Howard Stern played some of the spoken portions of your MSG concert on his show this morning -- he tore you to shreds BTW. For the love of GOD, play your music and STFU with the pretentious, self aggrandazing BS. I'm done now.
  • Alison Michaels Weingold ‎7 years ago today..boarding that ship! Wow, to ever think a girls cruise would start the beginning of an amazing life with my best friend! I love you Scootz:)
  • Colleen Krenzer somehow, leaving the locker room after a workout with a cigarette dangling from your lips seems counter productive.
  • Matthew Kirschner Anyone remember that awesome 80s movie "Monsters" starring Fred Savage...where have timeless classics gone