May 17, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

I judge your Facebook Status Updates.

  • Colleen Krenzer good times. House alarm going off. Don't know the code to turn it off. On the upside, not hung over like I was last time this happened.
  • Shawn Bado Drinking almond milk just seems so nutty!
  • Rachel Packer Zappos is insanely amazing...I called them at 9:30 last NIGHT and told them a pair of shoes I ordered broke while I was wearing them, and I literally had a new pair on my doorstep at 11:00 this morning...that's gotta be a record or something!
  • Zlata Faerman Since I started doing origami regularly, my ability has increased ten-fold.
     Comment: Tarik Trad My best friend is a Filipino Origamist - yes, he's a Manilla Folder!
  • Christian Concepcion Kill the haters with kindness....and if that doesn't work let The Navy Seals take care of it.
  • Angela Balsamo Meetings about meetings... I just don't get it
  • Paula Froelich Is it weird that People magazine keeps showing pics of Pippa Middleton's butt? Someone over there is obsessed
  • Jennifer Caluri everytime I see the commercial for Unbreakable (Khloe and Lamar) I smell vanilla, cocoa butter, musk sweat and want to throw up
  • Chris Morran I just looked up at the TV and thought "oh wow... RuPaul looks pale these days." Alas, it was Khloe Kardashian.
  • Janine Recchione My yoga pants have now become so all-purpose, I should just call them pants.