May 27, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

I judge your Facebook Status Updates:

  • Igor Taran The tooth fairy gave Tamara a whole dollar for her first tooth! If 159,999 more teeth fall out, she'll have just enough for her college education.
  • Zlata Faerman HEADLINE NEWS: Courtney Love says that Kurt Cobain was "well fu@king hung". Hmm...I'm fairly certain it was a shotgun, actually
  • Eddie Suri convinced, no matter where I park, a bird will shit on my car. Outstanding...
  • Brian Link Debating if I should do my laundry today or just buy new clothes....
  • Bryce Gruber Can't believe I'm missing fleet week. It's my fave of all the homo parades.
  • Rachel WallinsOk people. Its one thing to eat a bug while running outside. Its another eat a tiny fly in my office. WTH?????

      • Rick Kalaher We do have vending machines. Let me know if you need some quarters.
        4 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
  • Danielle Harth Cervone Welp, I'm pregnant =) Baby Cervone is due December 3rd!
  • Rachel Brownlee Best quote ever: "Memorial Day Weekend is like the Jersey New Years!"