May 31, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

I Judge Your Facebook Status Updates

  • ChloĆ© Jo Davis Nanny Police Strikes Again!! If your nanny is a tall Trinidadian older woman with glasses, a straw hat, and a pink tie dye shirt was in the park on e. 67th and 1st today around 11am, please contact me. Lunatic alert. NYC Mommas/ Poppas, spread the word.
  • Jennifer Samuel Why does healthy eating have to be so expensive and time consuming??? Cooking meals for the week in hopes of being more beach-ready by the end of the school year!
  • Jim Shi I like to hang up the phone first at the end of a conversation. Otherwise the self-inflicted sense of rejection is almost too much to handle.
  • Edward Romaine I choose ingredientses that will one day make me truly gargantuan and an easy in for the Biggest Loser
  • John BellaVia Madison Square Park is neither a Madison nor a Square Park... Talk amongst yourselves
  • Alexis Tirado Just saved photos from my Friendster profile since the site is closing soon. My hobbies at 23? "Good times, good friends, mixed drinks and random nights." Lawd, I don't think I've changed much since then.
  • Anthony Crupi So, apparently it’s uncool to “ice” recovering alcoholics. Sorry, didn’t know one of the 12 steps was “be a little bitch.”
  • Kylie Edmond FYI I tried to pay off a bunch of pirates in the Bahamas to capture me & not let me return to real life...but they just took off with my money & my watch.
  • Richard Lawson To everyone who left me a birthday note: Thank you. To everyone who didn't: I will see you in hell.
  • EB Atler Is it a requirement for all club/lounge owners to say "shit's gonna be bananas" when referring to the upcoming night?
  • Shelly Landau A carriage for your dog. Seriously.