June 6, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

I judge your Facebook Status Updates

  • Ester Meryam Why do the people sitting next me at library think deodorant is optional!
  • Colleen Krenzer Missing: One substantial amount of motivation. If found, please return to Dingley Place. Preferably accompanied by mint chocolate chip and peanut butter ice cream.
  • Jarrod Welles It's kinda funny how most of my texts recieved/sent start with "yo"
  • Saryn Chorney Rosenthal There once was a dog from Pawtucket... Rhode Island.'Ruff said.
  • Bruce DeSilva The nice people at my local Dunkin Donuts informed me that this is National Donut Day. But where is the declaration from our President? Where are the parades? Why isn't more fuss being made about this?
  • Andrew Goldstein Man, at the 4pm Weiner press conference, the schnitzel is going to hit the fan.
  • George Smilov Apple just announced their own version of BBM for iPhone. The end of the world really is here
  • Alejandro Romero I must have deformed ears! Those little stick-in-ur-ear headphones never stay on more than 3 minutes. ;( How can ppl run in these things.
  • Seth Broman I officially have as many contacts on linkedin as i have friends on fb, doesnt really say much for my social life...
  • Gina Marie Barbieri Arson, a pipe bomb and now the robbery of Boston Market - Fair Lawn, NJ please pull it together.
  • Erin O'Neill things i needed at trader joe's: salsa. things i bought at trader joe's: not salsa.
  • I make trigonometry-related puns, cos I'm cool like that.
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      • Nicole Witover on an unrelated tangent, how are you?
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  • wonders wether Blake Lively will hold a teary press conference about her nude photos after Weiner is finished.
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      • Chris Morran I think they should run for office together on the Lively Weiner ticket! Thank you, thank you...
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  • Andrew Goldstein Turns out the pic Anthony Weiner sent to that chic in Seattle was just the tip... of the iceberg. #weinergate
  • Brian John Kniffel I just filed my first complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I'm apparently well on my way to being a crabby old man.
  • David Frank Hey Steve Jobs, THANK YOU! Just when I'm about to be eligible for an upgrade from this 3GS you go ahead and do the most awesome thing I could imagine and NOT announce new iPhone hardware at the WWDC. Leave me in limbo to ponder how dumb I would feel for getting the 4 and then you release the new model 3 months later, putting me into the exact same position. Appreciate that.