July 1, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

List of the greatest status updates on my newsfeed from July 1st

  • Alyson Hagert Coconut shampoo, coconut body wash, coconut flavored coffee, probably coconut rum later...am I over doing it? #ilovesummer
  • Jennifer Caluri Happy birthday to my little sister Heather Caluri who won't accept your friend request or let you write on her wall
  • Alexis Tirado Happy 6 year anniversary to Apt. 4C & I. You have lasted longer than any boyfriend, job or schooling that I've had. XO
  • Adrienne Jacobs My bodega sells Apple products and I def just bought a new charger from there
  • Colleen Krenzer Choices, choices. Do I hang the US flag out my window this weekend or a big sign saying "Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner."
  • Matthew Percelli just noticed I'm wearing two different sneakers.....maybe next time ill turn a light on when I get dressed.
  • Leah Rose It's totally normal to finish a book a night and stay up til 3:40 am. Don't worry.
  • Laura Heywood Would it be totally loco to go to the 24-hour gym at 3:45 in the morning? I can't sleep and I've already watched two whole seasons of "United States of Tara" on DVD.
  • Jennifer Caluri heard that you can now bring vibrators in your carry on bag when traveling on planes, as long as they are not more than seven inches. Clearly its racist because everyone knows there are no black vibrators under seven inches and it would take two Irish ones to meet that quota
  • Lauryn Kahn Luxury does NOT have a taste for you Sonja, it does not.
  • Shawn Sochaski Howard the Duck has so many dirty references...wow was I a sheltered child..
  • Brianne Bartlett DeLucca sonja morgan: how do you NOT know a blackberry was in your toilet? is it just me!?
  • Pravina Nair Just saw an interesting quote..."holding a grudge is letting someone live rent-free in your head"
  • Snoop Dogg  smoking...
  • Mark Marino finally told my neighbor to please mind his door when he leaves his apartment and he was shocked--shocked!--to learn that it makes a slamming sound when he walks out and lets it shut on its own behind him.
  • Chris Morran Why do people feel compelled to share the details of their workouts on Facebook? I don't tell you how long I slept or about the Dorito crumbs in my beard.
  • Jennifer Caluri my girls think our cat Chloe's father works on a fishing boat. Every time we go over the Verrazano they wave to the ships and says there's Chloe's dad. It is kind of stupid because cats don't have jobs
  • Kristen DiVita-Sterople people its CASUAL friday. not slutty friday. or pajama pants friday. or even velour track suit friday.