July 5, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

Collection of the best Casey Anthony-related Facebook Status Updates from my NewsFeed today.

  • Anthony Crupi  It'll be so good to see Casey again at our weekly Mensa meetings.
  • Adam Lazzara OJ didn't do it, Casey Anthony is innocent and the world is flat.
  • Anthony Crupi Casey Anthony's acquittal celebration is going to be * OFF THE CHAIN *. Although I suppose a pool party is out of the question.
  • Peter Shankman I just got back from a run outside, without any devices to find that she freaking got away with it?! How's she going to get home, a white Ford Bronco driven by AJ Cowlings? This is bullshit.
  • Chris Morran  So I guess this means Casey Anthony is free to date again?
  • Anthony Crupi Enjoy your freedom while you can, Casey. Dexter's going to murder your sweet baby-killing ass.
  • Elizabeth Leahy Don't worry, they'll probably get Casey Anthony when she tries to steal back her sports memorabilia.
  • Mark Marino Does this mean we'll be seeing Casey Anthony on "Dancing With the Stars"?
  • Jennifer Caluri Her sentence should include ripping out her uterus with a coat hanger. I’d fly to Florida and personally do it.
  • Christian Concepcion I hope I can work for those jurors one day...they will definitely look past my inability to get to work on time.
  • Zlata Faerman I went to the library and asked if they had the book 'How to commit the perfect murder and get away with it' The librarian said, "Casey Anthony took it out a few years back. I imagine she'll be returning it soon."
  • Darryl Gudmundson that casey anthony verdict made me so mad I could kill a baby right now.
  • Roland Brian Alonzi If I ever murder someone, get me Casey Anthony's lawyers
  • Christian Concepcion Casey Anthony is going to tear up happy hour tonight.
  • Anthony Crupi That shirt is guilty of something.
  • Andrew Goldstein Guilty or not, this Casey Anthony trial has been the best season of Teen Mom EVER.
  • Charlyn Keating Chisholm Casey Anthony will be out of jail by tomorrow and partying in the Orlando clubs this weekend.
  • David Guida Sorry if this makes me unpopular, but in this country, you still need hard evidence to convict someone of murder. Happy 5th of July USA!
  • Monique Lopez Did I just watch an OJ trial re-run??
  • Ben Mehl Wait. Was the Casey Anthony trial today?