August 30, 2011

Russian Dolls – Zlata Thoughts

As the anticipation for Lifetime’s Russian Dolls premiere approached, so did my three week long honeymoon.  Over a year ago, they casted for the show (see: Everything You Need to Know about Brighton Beach) and I couldn’t wait for the day it would finally air and compete with MTV’s Jersey Shore.  When I learned the show would air on Lifetime, I got a little upset because I thought for sure a better network would pick it up. I feared the ratings would be bad and Russians would lose out on their chance to dominate the boob tube.

I could not have been more wrong.  After dedicating a few hours to catching up with the season on the DVR, I’m now fully intrigued.  Do I like the name? No, not at all.  But I can’t tell you how interesting it is to see these hot Russian messes trying to play their part.  Speaking English is probably the hardest. I’m sure normally (especially the older ladies) when they rage out, habit is to do so in the Russian language.  I actually wonder how many times the crew had to yell “CUT!” for another take and a switch to English.

I like the diversity of the cast, though I would rather have them all be young and could do without the older chicks.  The layout of the show thus far seems to be the dedication of an episode to one character in an effort to “meet” them and then slowly work to integrate the other cast members and see how each play a role in one another’s lives.

So….let’s meet the cast, shall we? The below is direct from the Lifetime website.

Russian Dolls: Anna

Anna, 22, is an aspiring model and skillful flirt. Anna recently opened her own modeling school. She craves the spotlight but still lives in a tiny apartment with her parents and meddling grandmother.

Zlata Thoughts on Anna: I’m proud of this young woman.  She’s only 22-years-old, yet she has the ambition and goals of someone a bit older.  Do I think she’s hot? I do. She has a great body, great style and just has that “look.” I think she was a great cast for the show.

Russian Dolls: Diana

Diana, 23, has a goal in life: find a man she can marry. Of course, her prince will need to drive a nice car and pay for absolutely everything.

Zlata Thoughts on Diana: This girl is my favorite. I think she’s really pretty, has a great head on her shoulders, is ballsy and the most “real”. Sure, her face isn’t all that real (I’m pretty sure she’s had some plastic surgery) but what other girl do you know would break up with someone so spectacularly on national TV? I think she was a great cast for the show and knows how to portray herself in a good light on-air.

Russian Dolls: Anastasia

For Anastasia, 26, graduating from college is not in the cards. This Russian darling seems more interested in going to the gym, tanning, applying makeup and making sure her hair extensions stay in place.

Zlata Thoughts on Anastasia: Absolutely despise this girl.  Sure, every Russian girl has had a blowout with her mom about “not understanding her” but after the last episode, I wanted to fly out to Brooklyn and bitch slap her.  She’s a complete disgrace to the Russian community, with her plastic surgery, horrid accent, despicable excuse for makeup and her 10-year college plan.  I want to say she’s a good cast for the show because of entertainment purposes, but she’s really not even that entertaining. She enrages me more than anything.  NOT a fan.

Russian Dolls: Eddie

A handsome lady-killer, Eddie Zee, 26, is looking to make a name for himself in the world, while juggling the ladies and his busy social calendar.

Zlata Thoughts on Eddie: Thumbs Up! He’s quick, witty and not a bad looking Russian (aside from my husband, I am not too keen on the Russian boy looks).  As a cast for the show, his storyline is far from interesting, but Eddie serves his purpose with his fantastic one-liners.

Russian Dolls: Albert

Albert is a wheeler-dealer who values his money and social status in Brighton Beach, Albert, 26, knows exactly what he wants: to make millions of dollars and bring a nice Russian girl home to his mom.

Zlata Thoughts on Albert: This Jesse Lubin lookalike hasn’t been fully introduced through episodes yet, so I cannot make a judgment just yet. Based on what I saw in the episode when Eddie and Anna bickered, Albert seems down to earth and has respect for the ladies.

Russian Dolls: Marina

Dripping in furs and diamonds, Marina, 34, is all about status. When she isn't going head-to-head with her spirited mother-in-law, Eva (age 56), Marina runs the popular local club/restaurant Rasputin with her husband Michael and knows everyone in Brighton Beach.

Zlata Thoughts on Marina: Quite possibly the worst of the ladies.  She SUCKS.  She’s a mean and cold-hearted bitch who cares only about money and status.  She should care about learning English and being a loving mother and wife. I’m actually pissed because I (think I) had my sweet 16 there and hate that my parents had anything to do with the contribution to her wealth.  She’s a tool and an awesome cast for the show.  Now THAT’S entertainment.

Russian Dolls: Renata

Sweet, energetic and whimsical, Renata, 47, hosts a popular Russian radio show. She's always trying to make nice when it comes to her friends and her lovable, yet overbearing, husband Boris.

Zlata Thoughts on Renata: Obsessed with her husband’s perception, this lady needs to chill the eff out and be more concerned with her happiness and self-worth.  I’m not sure I buy her whole act of being so sedated and look forward to some kind of brutal argument coming out in future episodes.

Russian Dolls: Sveta

Sveta, 47, rules her 30-year marriage with an iron fist, while her husband Sasha runs a local jewelry store.

Zlata Thoughts on Sveta: She’s bored me thus far, actually. From the previews, I think we’re going to get a little wild side from her and I look forward to that.