September 8, 2011

Ali Lohan's New "Holocaust Survivor" Look

I am truly in SHOCK at the recent photos of Ali Lohan (Lindsay Lohan's sister) that are circulating.  If I were Lindsay, I'm not sure whether I'd punch my sister in her newer and very ugly face OR give her a long and meaningful hug since LL will for SURE not be the center Lohan of attention for a while.

Looking like a Holocaust victim, Ali Lohan (17) is photographed with an entirely new face.  I mean, she looks NOTHING like the cute girl she did a few years back.  What is she, BFF with Heidi Montag or something?  Ali's lips look plumper, new chin, new nose, thicker eyebrows, more open eyes altogether and extremely anorexic.  Not only am I in awe of this photo, but also of Ali's mother, Dina.  Since Ali is only 17-years-old, odds are Dina had to sign off on this.

I am HOPING this is a hoax.  I canNOT and don't want to believe this is really Ali Lohan! TO me, this is an entirely different person!