September 8, 2011

Exclusive Interview with Russian Dolls star Eddie Zee

I LOVE me some Russian Dolls! Sadly, I was on my honeymoon when it debuted and so upon my return, spent three straight hours catching up on missed episodes.  I’m very excited for tonight’s episode, as I’ll be debuting LIVE CHAT on my blog (------Click CHAT in the sidebar before the start of the show tonight at 11:30 p.m.---------) as well as blogging out my thoughts thereafter.
Today, I’m pleased to bring you an exclusive interview with one of the stars of the show, Eddie Zee.  As I said in the blog post giving my thoughts on each character, Eddie seems to have an awesome personality, is quick-witted and loves to have a good time.  After some cyber-stalking, I also noticed that he has a sensational body with an impeccable set of abs.  In an effort to see if his funny one-liners and exuberant personality transcend off-screen, I threw out a set of questions – ZlataThoughts style. 
Let’s see how well he handled himself:
ZlataThoughts: What’s your name, hot stuff?
  • Eddie “the lady killer” Zee
ZlataThoughts: Age?
  • Age is only relevant when you’re filling out forms or other paperwork.
ZlataThoughts: Where were you born/when did you move to the States? (You like how I just know you weren’t from Kansas, Toto?)
  • I was born around the 1980’s in Ukraine and moved into the states in 89’.
ZlataThoughts: Why did you decide to audition for Russian Dolls?
  • I didn’t actually. I was a walk-on. Sorry to the 45,000 people who ACTUALLY auditioned ;)
ZlataThoughts: Ok, so you were a walk-on – but what kind of things did they want to know before they put you on the show??
  • It was very scary. They asked me questions about the U.S and this country’s plans of action on the missile crisis; They asked how the USSR came about and how long I was planning on staying in the States. I was tied down with bright lights in my face and I couldn’t really see much. 
ZlataThoughts: Wow, that sounds pretty intense.  Nothing compared to what my grandfather went through during the Cold War, but hey – we can’t all be that lucky. How did they explain what it would be like to star in the show?
  • Everyone that I worked with told me to hold on because “It’s going to be the ride of your fucking life.”
ZlataThoughts: Awesome, that’s why at I told my husband when we first starting dating.  So, how did your parents feel about you being a part of it?
  • Ha! Good question, would love to see how they’d answer that one. My father had told me to get a real job and my mother was so excited I had cooked borsch for about two weeks!!
ZlataThoughts: Ah, typical Jewish family. Ok – so I really need to know,  in order of best friend to least friend - what is the status of your relationship with each character?
  • Anastasia is really the only person I know most of my life. She is one of my best friends. Everyone else ties into the same loop. Well, actually I would take Anna Kay and tie her up all by herself ;)
ZlataThoughts: So you have a thing for Anna Kay? I thought you’d be more of a “Diana” boy – but yea, I now understand why you were teasing her at the table.  I don’t blame you though, she’s hot. I’m not sure you would need too much tying rope; she’s so thin that some dental floss would probably do the trick.  So anyway, have people noticed you on the streets? What do they say to you?
  • I’m like a target in Brooklyn and Manhattan. It’s hard to blend in when you’re apart of a TV show that’s so controversial. Most people approach me and ask me questions about what’s going to happen in the next coming episodes and I tell them -- I get Anna pregnant and ruin her modeling career. Kidding!
ZlataThoughts: You should take your dad up on his advice and consider CIA or KGB or something.  Since the show started, have you received any special treatment when you go out? If so, is it more the Russian Restaurants/Clubs?
  • My mother had always told me that I was special (the type of special that needs special treatment). So yea, that’s the treatment I get when I go out. I’m a fan of my Russian people. I’m always in and out of Russian restaurants and clubs.
ZlataThoughts: “Your Russian people?” Maybe you should become a mayor instead of the the CIA.  Or, do you think there will be a second season?
  • You know this is the one question I’m never nervous or hesitant to answer. First and foremost, this show is amazing. The way it’s edited and produced is really something of a new nature. The Russians are a new breed to reality TV. But, this question has a two-part answer: 1. I hope for a season two; and 2. I don’t give a fuck about season one. It sounds like I’m contradicting myself, so allow me to explain. I’ve tasted the high life (flashing bright lights, cameras, attention) and I’m not going to let my flame simmer. I’m hungry! I’m Eddie Zee! And I’m going to be in the spotlight for a very long time.
ZlataThoughts: That energy is very sexy. You know what else I think is sexy? Your body.  I've noticed on your Facebook page that you have some pretty sick abs --- do you work out religiously?
  • Are you spying on me? Working out has become a second language to me. It’s like a love/hate relationship. I do it because it feels natural to do it.
ZlataThoughts: Got it. So are you going to school in between your reps? What are you studying?
  • I can be a teacher by now for the amount of school years I’ve completed. I’m a proud graduate with a Bachelors degree in Accounting with a minor in Finance. I bet that’s a shocker! P.S. I write short stories as well and have my own blog :x
ZlataThoughts: That’s not a shocker. A shocker is what my husband gave me on our wedding night. (I kid, I kid.)  Are you single? Do you have to marry Russian/Jewish?
  • Define the word single? Is it the option of being free and doing what you want? If so then I’m as single as can be. Do I have to marry a Russian/Jewish girl? Absolutely…. Not! I can choose whom to marry to but for me to continue a comfortable lifetime with my family and relatives I prefer a girl that keeps the same ethics as I do as well as speaks the same language. Throw in your application ladies, Eddie Zee’s hiring :)
ZlataThoughts: Great. I plan on making you an eligible bachelor.  Next stop: You’ll be a ZINGLE. What’s your type of girl anyway?
  • Not looking for really a TYPE? Every girl is different and unique; I don’t like to put women into categories. If the right one slaps me in the face hard enough to wake me up and fall in love, she’s a keeper.
ZlataThoughts: Well isn’t that the sweetest thing this side of the Brooklyn Bridge?? Give me some juice, EZ…what do you think of Marina from Rasputin? Some say she is a cold-hearted bitch who is money hungry, given her fight with Sveta and the way she treated her mother-in-law...would you agree?
  • Only god can judge someone. No matter what a person does he/she will be judged in the end and will have to pay for their actions or reap the benefits. Don't get me wrong - I think Marina's attitude can make a child look intelligent, but she is who she is.  What do you think of Marina?
ZlataThoughts: Well, I think SHE thinks she’s really cool. And hip. And Rich. And pretty. But she’s not any of those things.  She’s nasty (so far from what I see – could be wrong!!) and she has a horrible Russian/English accent. Like, the kind that makes you cringe.  Are your parents friends with any of the older women on the show?
  • My mommy and daddy know Anastasia and that’s it.
ZlataThoughts: I have my thoughts on her as well.  Would LOVE to get an interview with her next, but Diana already promised me one next! So where can my readers and your fans [continue to] stalk you??
  • Catch me on Facebook @ Eddie Zee and tweet tweet away @eddiezeee. Thanks for the interview Zlata and remember “Russians are the new trend”.  See you guys THURSDOLLS @ 11:30pm on Lifetime Network! :D
ZlataThoughts: Thanks for the interview, Eddie!

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