October 4, 2011

Eats On Lex - Thoughts?

EATS ON LEXINGTON is a fairly new epicurean development on the Upper East Side in Manhattan.  Officially launched on April 28th, the eatery has already had their fair share of patrons, most of whom leave with raving reviews. 

Given that this endeavor is the brainchild of not only Russians, but also Fair Lawn Russians, I quickly gained interest in the who-what-when and sat down with one of the owners, Brian Zilberfarb for an interview:

ZlataThoughts: How did you come up with this idea?
Eats on Lex:  We wanted to open up a restaurant for a while now. My father and Vladimir, one of the other owners, have been in the food industry most of there careers. Vladimir called a chef that he knew in Vegas and asked for a recommendation on a good, up and coming chef in NYC. He said Jeremy Spector of the Brindle Room is your guy. So we brought in Jeremy and he created the menu!

ZlataThoughts: Hmm, I've never been to the Brindle Room, but I like the way it sounds.  Getting a chef is usually the hard part, so good for you guys!  So what's the menu like?
Eats on Lex: www.eatsonlex.com - You can find the lunch, dinner, drink and happy hour menus there.  We're hoping to be known for our oysters and burgers!

ZlataThoughts: How did you come up with a business plan for this idea?
Eats on Lex: We hired a general manager who has a ton of experience opening up restaurants.

ZlataThoughts: Wow, awesome. So, what is your role specifically?
Eats on Lex: I help out with PR and Marketing and stand outside luring in the hot girls.  I mean, who can't resist a Fair Lawn Russian, right?

ZlataThoughts: I certainly couldn't.  So where can we find you standing outside, rain or shine?
Eats on Lex: We're located at 1055 Lexington Avenue; between 74th and 75th on the Upper East Side.

So there you have it...Of course it saddens me that I don't have the opportunity to hail a cab and try this place out, but I certainly plan on doing so next time I'm in town.  After writing this, I am now craving a big juicy burger...awesome.

Eats On Lex is active on Facebook and Twitter and you should totes follow them, since they very frequently post exclusive specials!

Curious to get your thoughts, so leave your review after you've chomped away!