October 11, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

I'm not gonna lie - it is MUCH harder for me to find the good status updates amidst the bullshit photos of your children, the autumn skies, the parties you went you last night and of course, what you had for dinner.  Am I guilty of such posts as well?  Of course.  It's fine.  That's what FB is all about.  But, DAMN YOU Zuckerberg for not allowing me to filter by Status Updates, Photos, Links, etc. anymore.  DAMN YOU.  Anyway, I'm picking up my skirt and grabbing my balls -- let's just do this shit.

You people made me laugh today:

Big up's to ALL MY HATERS! (your'e one of a kind, keep up the good work) LMPO!

Rode the crazy train this morning... a woman started talking to a friend, I assumed but I soon learned she was preaching to the train about how "Oprah got rich and people listen to her like she's Jesus, but she doesn't know anything- what good has she done? When Jesus walked, he did good everywhere he went, and he will speak to you in a whisper and you should answer him b/c he's your savior."

Today is National Coming Out, so here we go. I love taco's. I FEEL SO FREE!

You know what? fuck this --- THESE ARE THE ONLY THREE I FOUND TODAY.  It's way too hard to filter.  I am going to have to like read your posts on my iPhone, jot down funny ones and recap that way.

Picture me hitting down a microphone when as I say "I'M OUT, YO!!"