October 12, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

Day 2 at the gym. Sore as HELL. But loving it so far. No Jersey Shore Ronnie sightings yet.

‎3 years ago to I met my wife.. And she rocked my world!! I love you!!!

If I could rewrite history, I'd say that Georgia O'Keeffe had a brother, George O'Keeffe, who painted mostly dong-shaped objects.

Just read that there are more active facebook users worldwide in 2011 (800MM) than there were total active internet users worldwide in 2004 (750MM,) the year fbook was founded and I graduated college... for some reason this really struck me

The one cool thing about the facebook changes is how easy it is to unfriend someone now.... shitty status update??? Poof your gone!