October 24, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth A Mention

I think someone need to start using Holy Water to boil the pasta in from now on. Maybe that will help! the real reason I quit Facebook for a month was I didn't want to see everyone pictures of apple and pumpkin picking. True Story ‎"Hey lady, spare some change so I can buy alcohol and take advantage of myself?" = Best solicitation for change I've heard in awhile. There's a black squirrel on my fire escape. I'd like to make it a YouTube celebrity. Time to get my head out of my ass and get back on track. The TSA just stopped me for my mobile phone, swabbed it, reran it through security... While they let my PARACHUTE go through unchecked. Which one should be arousing more suspicion? Sigh. Gotta love security theater, right? Such a joke occupy wall street is annoying - tired of hearing about it - no longer care. back to work people

didn't know breastfeeding counseling would be quite so hands on.
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    • Michelle Taransky the puppies (and our forthcoming babies) are happy to know this about your hands