November 22, 2011

Is COMCAST Customer Service For Real?

I'm sure this happens with other cable/phone/internet companies, but as one of my biggest pet peeves, I had to get into it:

My phone and internet stopped working yesterday, so I had to call customer service to deal with this minute form of armageddon.  I pressed "1" for English and "3" for problems with my internet. While on hold, the automated message is telling me that for faster help with my internet problem, I should visit them online.
REALLY?!  How can I visit you online when my internet doesn't work?? Answer me that question. And, don't tell me I can visit from my iPhone, because I don't want to have to squint as I read and I'm pretty sure there's no section that says, "Why you probably shouldn't have chosen Comcast". Ever since I got XFinity, my internet has been slower than a prostitute's business around Christmas time.  I hate you, Comcast. And your customer service nonsense.

That's my story.