November 8, 2011

Is Heavy D Dead?

UPDATE: If TMZ is reporting it, then it must be true, no?
Rest in Peace Heavy D.

TwitterVille isn't a high school hallway, but when a rumor gets started, it might as well be just that.  Here we go again, with another passing.  This time, it's Heavy D is at the center of the mill.  Twitter is going carayyyzeeee with claims of his death, "at replying" to @HeavyD to make sure he's still alive.
Heavy D's last post was 15 hours ago and since then, apparently, he died.  Fans are reaching out to him, asking that he reply or something to let us all know he's still alive.
Anyone know some real facts?  Apparently, the rumor? started because very much like Rev Run, Heavy D posts some inspirational quote everyday and today he didn't.  Maybe he's too busy smoking pot?  Doesn't mean he's dead, right?