November 15, 2011

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

‎20 minutes here, and I am already feeling nauseous from all the Christmas music... How did I ever survive this when I worked at the mall?! — at Willowbrook.

turns out, I won my age group in a race this past weekend. Unfortunately, the race organizers had me listed in the wrong age group and apparently there was another 92-year old woman faster than me.
I don't close my office door so that I can play music, I close the door so that I can sing along. Loudly.

I think when this divorce hoopla dies down Kris Humphries can look forward to a great career either as a spokesperson for evolution, or as the next Geico caveman.

The grown man in front of me with horrible sideburns keeps screaming "TOP ME OFF, SON!" to his friend pouring half and half into his coffee. That's normal.

What part of "reply all" don't you understand? For those of you with jobs, you'll understand. The former, I probably hate you.

Knock knock

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I don't know why, but I feel a certain comfort in remembering that New York City is just as stupid as Los Angeles.
Public transportation in New York is about to get even better and demonstrably worse all at the same time. While the TLC is cutting down on cabbies honking their horns, the MTA is ditching the trash cans in subway stops.