November 23, 2011

Some Thanksgiving Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

Ah Thanksgiving - so much we can be thankful for: Our health, our families, our pets and certainly ... our food:

Stuffed mushrooms prepped for tomorrow, cobbler finished, and so much more to do! Tomorrow should be a good day...

Just got my bake on!! For those of you ho don't know me that well... I mean the "Martha Stewart" kind, not the "Pink Floyd" kind. ;-) Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Carrot cupcakes...check! Mashed sweet potatoes...check! Let's hope everything is edible.

So. much. chopping. Cranberry conserve, roasted root vegetables, spaghetti and meatballs (for tonight), deviled eggs, butternut squash soup, green bean casserole, chocolate mudd pie, candied sweet potatoes. Tomorrow we dine.

Meet my new friends Pumpkin, apple, dutch apple, and pumpkin cheesecake.

Pumpkin cookies are done! They came out perfect!

Maternity pants are on...let's eat!!!!!

Just finished making everything. Now I need the turkey to be done so we can eat. Can't wait for my homemade apple pie made with Honey Crisp apples!!!

Never thought the day would come when I'd be in the kitchen on Thanksgiving day baking pumpkin pie.

Being able to wear maternity pants on Thanksgiving = WINNING!