November 18, 2011

Top Five Worst Holiday Commercials To-Date

I cannot stand commercials for the holidays. Maybe I wouldn't hate these particular commercials so much if they actually aired AROUND the holidays.  But, alas - they don't.  It's not even Thanksgiving yet and we're already seeing these on TV.

Crazy-Ass Target Lady "The Big O"

Zales Commercials - Any of them really - this one in particular

Kay Jewelers Commercials - Particularly the newest one where the 50-year-old man is graduating from college and has only his wife to thank for it.  He gives her a Jane Seymour (really?!) exclusive open heart necklace. I couldn't find the commercial online but NOT every kiss begins with Kay and the commercials need to stop. You'll see it and think of me.

Finally, my personal favorite - TWO IN ONE.  I mean, can you believe this?  It's not a commercial for Geico, but also for Helzberg Jewelers!!!

Personally, my feelings on commercials remain the same as they did three years ago.  They are pointless and should be eliminated.  Most people have TIVO or DVR nowadays and fast forward through them anyway.

What is YOUR most hated commercial so far?