November 15, 2011

TV TimeZ and Casting CallZ


National Geographic Channel: Knights of Mayhem at 9p
truTV: Hardcore Pawn at 9p; Storage Hunters at 10p
MTV2: MTV2's Guy Code at 11p
ABC: Last Man Standing, Man Up!, Dancing with the Stars, Body of Proof
CBS: NCIS, NCIS: LA, Unforgettable
CW: 90210, Ringer
FOX: Glee, New Girl, Raising Hope 
NBC: The Biggest Loser, Parenthood

NBC has several new series launching in midseason as the January to March program schedule reveals by day:
  • Mondays: A new season of The Voice premieres February 5 at 10p following Super Bowl XLVI then resumes its regular day and time on Mondays at 8p on February 6.  Also on Mondays, new musical drama series Smash opens February 6 at 10p.
  • Tuesdays: New reality competition series Fashion Star premieres with a two-hour episode on March 13 at 9p.  The Biggest Loser opens a new season on January 3 at 8p followed by Parenthood at 10p which continues through its season finale on February 28.
  • Wednesdays: Frosh comedy Whitney moves to a new day and time at 8p starting January 11 followed by the series launch of new comedy Are You There, Chelsea? at 830p on January 11.  Rock Center with Brian Williams at 9p will move to Wednesdays beginning February 8 while Law & Order: SVU will continue in the 10p slot.
  • Thursdays: New drama The Firm settles in the 10p time period beginning January 12 following its two-hour series premiere on January 8 at 9p.  Frosh comedy Up All Night is also switching to Thursdays at 930p on January 12 which also marks the return of 30 Rock with its season debut at 8p.  Parks and Recreation and The Office continue on Thursdays at 830p and 9p respectively.
  • Fridays: Who Do You Think You Are? opens a new season February 3 at 8p.  Chuck will air its two-hour series finale on January 27 at 8p.  Both Grimm and Dateline NBC will continue in their time periods of 9p and 10p respectively.
  • Sundays:  The Celebrity Apprentice debuts a new edition on February 12 at 9p.  Two hours of Dateline NBC begin on Sundays at 7p starting January 8.  Harry's Law moves to the 8p time slot on March 4 and Dateline NBC will return to a one-hour format at 7p also on March 4.

Sundance Channel is casting for its series Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys in Denver and New Orleans.  The series looks at the special relationship between women and their gay best friends.  Straight women who have loving relationships with their gay BFFs in Denver and New Orleans should send an email to GIRLSWHOLIKEBOYSCASTING@GMAIL.COM. Include in your bio your name, age and occupation and tell producers why you would be great on the show as well as describe your special relationship.  Include a photo and your phone numbers. 

Auditions for the ninth season of FOX's So You Think You Can Dance begin January 5 in Atlanta.  More auditions continue January 13 in Dallas followed by auditions in New York City on January 23; in Salt Lake City on February 23; and Los Angeles on March 2.  Produced by 19 Entertainment Ltd. and dick clark productions, complete eligibility requirements and details on the auditions for season nine of So You Think You Can Dance can be found at