January 24, 2012

ID Discovery Launches IDAddicts

It's no secret that I'm OBSESSED with ID Discovery. In my bedroom, that is the only channel that the TV is automatically tuned to. (Downstairs, it's HGTV - duh.)

Being the wannabe investigator that I am, the ID channel provides me with an insatiable desire to try and figure out how the crime happened, 'work' alongside the criminal investigators to figure out criminal profiles and basically - well, it basically just gives me a rush!

ID has recently grown in popularity, no doubt due in part to their amazing social media efforts and constant new programming. On Twitter, every tweet is ended with the hashtag "#IDAddicts," so it's only natural that the network's next step would be to create a social networking website where IDAddicts can communicate and discuss the programs.  [NOTE TO SELF: Next time a hashtag gains extreme popularity and trends, purchase the domain name of said hashtag and wait until someone buys it off of you.]

I LOVE how ID Discovery really and truly KNOWS their audience. It's certainly a specific niche, but one with the same mindset, making it easy to communicate with people who just "get it."

Their website welcome note:

Welcome, ID Addicts. You crave it. You think about it all the time. Now, ID Addicts.com is here to feed your addiction, giving you direct access to Investigation Discovery, providing exclusive content, and connecting you to other addicts whenever you need a fix.
Sign in with Facebook, Twitter - or create your own account.  Have fun!

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