January 13, 2012

iYogi: A Review

Recently, I was having some issues with my Macbook. It was running very slowly in general, but especially when toggling between websites.  Given my previous experience with Geek Squad (not always the best,) I decided to try a different alternative - one which would allow me the convenience of having my computer looked at and hopefully fixed from the comfort of my own home: iYogi.

iYogi is the leading independent direct-to-consumer provider of on-demand remote tech support services. Having recently launched their services for Apple products (including Macs, iPods, iPads, iPhones and apps,) I decided to give them a try.

My experience was beyond awesome. A representative from iYogi set up an appointment for me within the next day and it was fast, efficient and I learned a LOT.  Normally, when you take your device somewhere to get fixed, you have to leave it there, or stay at the place and wait - but the whole time - you have no real idea what they're doing.  Being the tech-geek that I am, I was happy to have the iYogi guru log into my computer as I watched each and every step he was taking to solve my problem, while explaining it to me at the same time.  Fact is, I actually became so friendly with Andrew (my guru) that we're now connected via Google+ and we email back and forth as he makes sure I'm happy with the results of our session.

Having watched Andrew toggle through my settings, I now know the ways to "clean" my Mac when need be - and, he taught me some really awesome keyboard shortcuts.  All in all, I had a GREAT experience and would definitely use their services again.

iYogi’s service offerings for Apple product users include everything on multiple platforms viz Mac OS  and iOS like  E-mail Client, browsers, optional non-bundled software, Internet and networking.
With the launch of support for Apple products, iYogi continues its legacy of delivering the best-in-class services for Windows platform endorsed by our large  subscriber base  in four countries – the USA, the UK, Australia and Canada  - while maintaining one of the highest validated customer satisfaction scores in the industry ( 89.29% for quarter ended September 2011 as validated by KPMG)

More information on iYogi’s support offerings for Apple can be found at http://apple.iyogi.com/


Reviewed by Zlata Thoughts
on Jan 13 2012

Rating: 4.5