February 27, 2012

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

You people made me laugh this weekend:

Gave up alcohol for Lent again this year and what happens to be today? National Margarita Day. Super. Is it Easter yet?

It's probably time to stop watching the Jersey Shore marathon on my Tivo - when I start responding to my boss with "I''m gonna do me, you do you - oh yea buddy"

Took a sleeping pill last night and I'm still passing out Everytime I close my eyes. FML

As we were driving yesterday, we came to a red light. Gabby yells out "light switch!" and the light changed to green. She said "OH MY GOSH!! I DID IT!! Mommy, I changed the light!!" Me: "Wow, Gabs, you really did!" G: "HOW did I do that?" Me: "I don't know - it must be magic." G: "I didn't know I have magic in me! Mommy, I have magical powers!!!" Hehe, kids are so cute.

new facebook slogan: "can't sleep? CREEP!"

Seeing people's pics, what they listen to, what it is there doing, and the places they go is sometimes interesting and sometimes boring, which I'm fine with. The thing that seems to be the most telling about a person, though, is seeing what news they read.

Reality TV is out of control. I thought it was bad enough they created a show about mall cops (I mean, really?!) but now there's a show about parking cops??? What is happening. Someone please help me understand this insanity.

Things you don't want to hear coming out of the men's room: "I should get business cards that say I like fudge".