April 27, 2012

Hey Facebook: Did you see the Enterprise Space Shuttle?

Photos of this space shuttle plane is monopolizing my news feed

I haven't seen any pictures of this space shuttle... can someone upload some to Facebook please?

Having no windows near my desk, I did not just see the shuttle fly by.

Just saw the space shuttle pass over my building!

Just saw the space shuttle Enterprise fly by!!

The space shuttle flew right by my office building in Long Island - so cool!

Corporate e-mail to all employees today: "space shuttle mounted atop NASA’s 747 aircraft carrier is expected to fly up and down the Hudson River today"...wtf?

Anyone who dreamed of being an #astronaut as a #child will appreciate the #Enterprise #flyover #NYC this morning. #space #shuttle

Yes, I too saw the shuttle. Hate all you want but that was totally cool.

Marc took this photo of the space shuttle flying by Saint John the Divine this am! Pretty cool!

Shuttle out my office window


A colleague (thankfully!) had a telephoto and a decent camera as we all watched the Space Shuttle strapped to a 747, accompanied by fighter jets, fly over NYC to its permanent home at the Intrepid Sea/Air/Space museum from our office deck this morning! That was truly awe inspiring!!!

It's a plane on a plane! — with Michela DellaMonica and 3 others at Moment in History.


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