April 17, 2012

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

You people made me laugh:

In trying to encourage Frankie to brush his teeth this morning, I reminded him that to be President, you have to have white teeth, for which he responded "George Washington didn't ... " I hate being outwitted by a 7 year old ...

Happy stress awareness day...who wants a Xanax?

insomnia, eating jarlsberg and watching the facts of life. tomorrow is not going to be pretty...

Just taught a hungover 60 year old colleague at work the phrase "Liquor before beer, you're in the clear. Beer before liquor, you've never been sicker." He thinks I am a genius.

After mixing up my dog's protein sprinkle kibble supplement and nutritional yeast, I can confirm that they are pretty much the same thing.

Nicky slept one hour last night. Due to the transitive property, mommy slept one hour last night. Do not talk to me.

Sat down with John Cusack this morning to talk about his new movie, The Raven. In other news, I'm 38 weeks pregnant and grunted my questions instead of speaking English.

ate a big lunch. now back at work. this was a terrible idea. but the lunch was good. (note: this is a terrible status update, if you weren't aware from reading it)

There is something wrong with this sentince...

You people made me think "Really?!?":

Life to me is not like a box of chocolates - its more like a dirty martini, shaken not stirred! What is your life like? =D

I would rather have an enema than do taxes.

Just used my iPhone to transport my lean pocket from microwave to my desk.. Now that's 'fat kid ingenuity' if I EVER saw it!

I'm thrilled your life is really this great:

This morning is incredible! Does it get any better??

What a day! Watched Discovery fly through earlier, Just had my air condition serviced, about to get my allergy shots then the pest control people arrive. A day can't get any better than that. ;-)