April 20, 2012

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

You people made me laugh today:

awkwardly accepted a "bring your child to work day" calendar invite. got an email asking how many and how old my children are and had to write back that i don't actually have any babies.... (im just so excited for them to be in the office!)

I love how hot people who apply for Elvis Duran Show internships attach a headshot to their resume. They're pretty much saying, "screw my qualifications...hire me because I'm hot!"

I found George Harrison, in Arizona. Strawberry Deserts forever.

questions today...1) is it ok if I do pee pee in the bath 2) can you get and Daddy get married again 3) can I put lipstick on the walls 4) do you have to wear a mommy diaper 5) can we blow bubbles in the house 6) can we go to Toys R Us and get ALL the toys. i said yes to everything except #2.

PR 101: If you're going to send me a release on your new product, send me a picture of the bottle, not just your logo.

Morning cappuccino at Kava. My barista knows me way too well.

Thanks SO much for sharing:

I think one of my teeth needs to be removed. My original dentist hollowed out most of it for a filling that fell out awhile back. And then last year a piece got broken off during filming. And today while having a piece of bread something got caught and PAIN. And the last dentist said we could save it? I think if I get rid of it some of my TMJ might be relieved because I automatically clench when this thing hurts.