April 23, 2012

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

You people made me laugh today:

Instagram already made their money off all of your shitty old-looking pictures. Please let this fad die already. Thanks!!

Best food to accidentally leave in a car on a hot day: chocolate chip cookies.

Holy crap. just realized mad men has the only sympathetic rich people in history

Who ever does Clay Aiken's make-up on Celebrity Apprentice needs to be shot.

I love when people have emotional breakdowns via twitter or facebook

Signing Jude up on match.com...he is available ladies!!!

I'm going to play "Word" With Friends on Facebook and just constantly comment "Word!" on everyone's status updates

‎"Damn B. He had a restraining order on me!" - Woman on phone walking past my bedroom window. #WorkingFromHome #EastVillage

You know what blows my mind? Before Facebook, all this crap we post just STAYED IN OUR HEADS.

Rainy days with kids = increase in Xanax intake. True story

You know what I can do without? People in their 20s complaining that they're old.

I've been out of the celeb news thing for more than two years, so I wanted to check in to see if we as a culture are still pretending that Katy Perry is talented.
Thanks in advance for your guidance in this matter.

Duran Duran on Glee. This must be what it felt like the first time they mixed chocolate with peanut butter!