May 14, 2012

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

When I realized George Lucas and Mark Zuckerberg both have birthdays today, I decided to compare their estimated wealth. George Lucas turns 68 today - estimated wealth 3.2 billion. Mark Zuckerberg turns 28 today - estimated wealth 17.5 billion.

The girl in Starbucks told me I look tired. Just in case I felt like I look good today. You win this round barista...

i think its such a surprise that kanye will be on the kardashians stupid shows...he is so private and classy. #stunned

Hi Obama, can I cross 23rd street now?

enough is enough...I'm all for gong green and using less, but i didn't sign up for wiping my ass with tree bark...if we replaced the rolls with tubeless ones instead of 1 ply, we could save the same if not more paper...I'm talking to you multinational media conglomerate that i work for!

Went to a Brazilian rug store and there was nothing there.

So I am not completely sure how this site Klout works but can someone tell me what score do I need to reach before I can start my own cult?

Dear Muffintop, FUCK YOU!