May 25, 2012

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

You people made me laugh today:

Relevance Pro Tip: If you take a picture of your child pooping and put it on facebook, not only will I be annoyed and unsubscribe from you, but you're not doing your kid any favors, either. This is the internet.

I booked a flight from Athens to Santorini. I haven't booked a flight from NYC.

...I like to start my meal with dessert.

I seriously am shocked sometimes that some people make it through life with both their shoes on at the end of the day -- SHOCKED.

NYC today= swamp ass

It's Memorial Day Weekend, yo!

Fist pumpin my way to the Jersey Shore ;)

You guys all have fun down at the beach, and I'll go ahead and enjoy the TONS of available parking in Hoboken this weekend. Is MDW a contest? Because I'm pretty sure I win.

Dear parkway traffic, SUCK IT! Thanks, Chantelle

‎#MontaukDirtyToMe Baby! — with Fareez Giga and 13 others.

Nothing says "casual Friday before a holiday weekend" like kids running around the office
and lots of inappropriately dressed adults

You're going to the Hamptons??? That is sooooooooo exciting!