May 24, 2012

TV TimeZ and Casting CallZ


Thursdays used to be my favorite day for TV-watching. Now, it seems like there's NOTHING on!
ABC: Duets at 8p; Rookie Blue at 10p
FOX: So You Think You Can Dance at 8p
TLC: On the Fly at 9p; Tattoo School at 10p
TBS: Men at Work at 10p & 1030p
NBC: Awake at 10p

CW: Perez Hilton All Access (Why does this asshole have his own show?)


Gillian Zinser, who plays Ivy on The CW's 90210, will not be returning when the show comes back for its fifth season. Apparently, she's relocating to a different zip code and the distance would create a conflict of interest.
Casting CallZ

A new docu-series pilot produced by World of Wonder is seeking powerful women.  Specifically, the production is looking for a group of powerful, business-minded girlfriends or co-workers located in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago.  Type-A women who take care of business at home and at work are needed for this TV project.  The women can be married, divorced, dating or single.  To apply, send an email toWEINGRADCASTING@GMAIL.COM and include your name, age, occupation, plus a description of your group of girlfriends, your romantic relationship and your household and how it works and what makes you successful.  Include photos and your direct contact information (phone, email).