June 11, 2012

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

You people made me laugh today:

If during the next 12 months I say I'm going to Vegas again, kick me in my balls and take my wallet. Thank you very much

Any recommendations on bath salts??? Both I and the unsuspecting homeless man thank you in advance.

When people ask me for my favorite style of dance, I say drunk.

Dear annoying ppl who claim Madonna is "too old" to flash at her concerts... People. Are you the age police? It's MADONNA. She conforms to nobody. Nor should she. Worry about your own life. Not hers.

Thanks to traffic I know every single song on Z100 and Hot 97 by heart

Just got asked if I'm pregnant...think its time for a diet!

Joey Lawrence at Chippendales in Vegas. Discuss.

Da shit u see in da streets...has no shame...#confident #orangeleggings #workit

Roland Brian Alonzi added a new photo.