October 11, 2012

ThoughtZ and Preview: Real Housewives of New Jersey

In my opinion, some parts of the RHONJ reunion episodes were more interesting than the season itself! With the third and final part to the reunion airing this Sunday, I'm kind of sad to see the shit show go off the air. I have a feeling one or two of the housewives won't be back for another season. (Read: Caroline Manzo is "done" with her 15-minutes of fame)  Think about it: Caroline's husband didn't care enough to come on for the reunion, when everyone's else's did; Albie and Chris have their own business going with their BLK water and their new restaurant in Hoboken; and Lauren has Caface. All of this made possible by Mommy's appearance on the show. With nothing left to promote, I just have a feeling that Caroline will be gone. But hey, I could be wrong.

Teresa has been actin' a fool in the reunion and it's just sad to see. I feel like I'm watching A&E's Intervention, minus the drug addiction. This girl is just spinning in a downward spiral and there's nothing we can do to help. Newsflash: Your husband is definitely cheating on you, you definitely need to re-do your boob job, your children are a hot mess and most importantly, you're straight up stupid. Learn English. Go back to school.

Melissa Gorga: you're the shit. I want to BE you. Actually, I'd prefer to be Kathy first, then Melissa. (What can I say, I'm into the Susie Homemaker bit and I'm kind of mentally attracted to Richie!) Throughout the season, Melissa's kept her shit together and keeps up with her individuality. She respects her husband and her family, but knows when to put in her two cents. Sure, she wouldn't be this "hit star" without Bravo's help and her hubby's millions of dollars, but that's what being on reality TV is all about. If someone asked me to participate in Real Housewives of Palm Beach [Gardens], I'd totes do it.

Here's a preview of what's in store for us for the FINAL part of the reunion: