November 13, 2012

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

nothing says "go-getter" like a turquoise velour track suit with a metallic appliqué

Ever see "Black Swan?" Awesome movie. Actually, if it's on, and it's close to the part where Mila Kunis goes down on Natalie Portman, I'll watch it. If not, then no. Matter of fact, I have no idea what that movie is about. It has ballerinas in it. That's all I know

Attention PR professionals: If you pitch me a story on “Cyber Monday,” I will “Cyber Stab You,” but in real life

Dear Homeland: Haven't you learned anything from Friday Night Lights? The OMG THE INNOCENT TEENS ACCIDENTALLY KILL SOMEBODY plot line is a a shark-jumper

Spotted on a Hummer: "Keep Christ in Christmas." Right. Because global warming is the fairytale. (