December 21, 2012

Facebook Status Updates: Yours and Mayan

As the threat of an apocalypse loomed over us, you took to Facebook to express your fears, jeers and cheers:

Keep up the good work guys!! all these mayan apocalypse statuses are so fresh and original!.............

Until it doesn't happen, there is a chance it could happen.....#justsaying #philosophical #12/21/12

Looks like we should have been Mayan our own business...

Sorry Mayans, I guess you ran out of space on the calendar.

The world didn't end, my cold is subsiding, Charlotte and Nicky are seeing the doctor today, we have tons of packing to do but all night to do it, and tomorrow we fly to thank the Mayas in person for being wrong about this one thing.

What to do? As a great sage named Spears once advised us: "Keep on dancing 'til the world ends." Sounds good to me.

‎"Apocalypse was a no-go so make sure to throw the laundry in the dryer when you wake up." -text I sent to my husband this morning

I guess the Mayans punked us!

Don't make fun of the Mayans. The Mayans were a great race that brought us the chalupa. Without chalupa's, there would be no chalupa batman.

Damn Mayans were Marvel fans
It is no longer nigh...the end is HERE!

Goddammit, everything still exists.

Last night I partied like it was 1999... all for nothing.

I feel really badly for anyone who truly thinks today is the apocalypse and then ends up dying in some freak accident/health attack. The irony would just be overly ironic.

If the worlds not coming to an end I guess I should get of of bed and make coffee.

Earth, we had a good run...

O shit
O shit

If the world ends, Tom Cruise will still be alive. And he will look the same. Forever.

the world can't end - I just hopped on the breaking bad wagon. 

Mayan world hasn't ended…has yours?

The world didn't end but I met the kid from bad santa