December 28, 2012

Over it '12 - The annual top 10 list of things I'm over.

Every year I put out a blog post that lets you know what I'm over from the current year...the shit that I'm not going to deal with in the next. After all, we're supposed to grow wiser and more mature with age. We're supposed to learn from our previous mistakes and move forward in hopes of not making them again - by way of changing things in the process.

So here it is, my list of things I'm OVER in 2012:

  1. Blocking me from seeing certain status updates.  Look, if you're going to be selective in letting me some SOME of your status updates, but not all of them, let's do each other a favor and just not be friends. In fact, I just blocked you. Like, that just happened.  
  2. Not writing back to emails. DUDE - there are so many ways you got my message. You saw it on your iPhone, your iPad, your laptop and your desktop. Ignoring my email is the 1998 way of saying, "I never got your call." Bullshit. Write a girl back, okay? Don't be rude.
  3. Fakeness. I understand you have to play nice in the sandbox at certain times in your life. In high school, you're pressured to do so in order to be liked by people and not get a reputation as anything other than "super friendly." In college, you're in a sorority or fraternity and you just have get along because you're all bonded by Greek letters and what not. Post-college, you might hate your roommates. Or, maybe you like them, but you don't like their boyfriends. Or, maybe you like their boyfriends, but you cannot stand certain nuances about living together. Whatever the case may be, you play nice in the sandbox, because at the end of each month, there's only ONE check that goes to the landlord - not three. When you're in a relationship - whether it turns into marriage or not - you have to get along with your significant other's friends and also their significant others. That's a lot of pressure for someone who doesn't generally like other people, let alone new people. So you play nice in the sandbox, like you've done your whole life. And then one day, you realize that it's 2013 and you've been dealing with assholes that you really don't want to deal with anymore. Don't be fake. And don't let people be fake with you. Don't hang out with people who make you feel like you have to think twice (or three, or four times) before saying something to them. Don't hang with people who make you feel insecure about your actions, your reactions, what you say, what you do - and most importantly, what you don't do. Cut the shit. Be YOU.
  4. Groupons, LivingSocial, AmazonLocal. Look, I really wish I could still be into you. And you know what, I probably will. I'm probably crying wolf right now. I'll most likely purchase something from one of your awesome sales tomorrow, only to realize in six month's time that it was a complete waste of money because I've never redeemed - nor am I ever going to redeem - your offer.
  5. Commercials. Oh man, I've been over these things since DVR came into my life. While commercials are certainly a buzzkill for those deeply engaged in their favorite show, they've also gone to shit. I miss the days of creative collaboration, pithy one-liners and memorable graphics. Commercials now are boring and lack imagination of any sort.
  6. Meat. I gave up meat on my birthday, Feb. 28, 2012 - so I'll continue being over it in '13 for now. I didn't stop eating meat because I care about animals being slaughtered or treated unjustly. (I actually DO care about that, but not the catalyst for my vegetarianism.) While I am very opinionated and don't hesitate in sharing my thoughts, I'm going to keep this one respectful and leave it at "to each their own."
  7. Lobbyists on Facebook.  Thanks so much for writing about Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Thanks so much for letting me know that Sabra is THE ONLY brand of hummus that should be sold in stores. I can appreciate someone who thinks everyone and their mother should kill themselves for being Jersey Shore fans. I really, really appreciate how you think everyone should adopt the dog on its deathbed (Trust me, I really wish I could!) We get it, you think Obama hasn't done jack shit and Romney would have been a horrible choice.  While everyone should be free to express themselves and their opinions on the FB, there's certainly no need to disrespect anyone who doesn't share the same thoughts.
  8. Gray Hairs.  This is the year that I can legit say "I started getting grays in 2012" and it be a true statement. I CANNOT believe how many gray hairs I have on my head.  I'm over it. Sure, I dye my hair every now and then with splashes of highlights, but I think I'm to the point where I need an overall color to hide my grays before said highlights. This is insanity.
  9. Paragraph Facebook Status Updates. Get a blog. I mean, really. I don't need my coveted news feed real estate space to be taken up by your long and horribly written recap of your morning, your shower, your day at work, or your trip to the grandparents, okay? It's called Wordpress, Blogger, or Tumblr. Better yet, get a diary - no one else wants to read your story.
  10. "Tell me how you really feel!" This saying is stupid. The sentiment is dumb. I just TOLD you how I really felt. No need for the sarcastic undertone, "Tell me how you really feel!" Shut up. I hate you.
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