December 3, 2012

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention


Facebook keeps suggesting I be Friends with people I ALREADY THOUGHT WERE MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS.

The line for the 126 bus reminds me of 7 year old JLA waiting on line for space mountain. Lots of anxiety and minimal fun.

so i'm i text the boy that i need food...he asks what i want...i say something yummy...he asks if i want him to shower and go, wtf is wrong with that statement?! i want him to shower even if we don't go somewhere. boys are fucking disgusting.

Seriously though, is it really necessary to sign the electronic credit card screen? You could scribble anything & the cashier won't notice!

How did I end up in the target demo for owning hay?
How did I end up in the target demo for owning hay?

Went to a meeting, answered a few emails, drafted a memo and talked on the phone. Eye of the tiger, people. EYE OF THE MOTHERFUCKING TIGER

Well, when life throws you lemons, toss in some vodka, soda and a straw and call it a day.