January 15, 2013

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

You people made me laugh today:

Hey follow me on twitter and I'll follow back but in real life. To your car, your house, a scary place from your childhood--wherever!

I never finish anythi

Life with a 3 year old:
"Mommy, you in the shower?"
"Yes, I'll be out in a little bit. Ok?"
"Ok... Mommy, you in the shower?"
"Yes Maddie, I'll be out soon."
"I know... Mommy, you in the shower?"
... at 30 second intervals for the entire 15 minutes I was in the shower.

State of the World: Well dressed guy at Starbucks just asked me what side of the envelope a stamp goes and which side is the return address. Said he hasnt sent a letter in years and only sends things via e-mail. Told him I think stamps go on the back of the envelope now.

Only in NYC
Only in NYC

I'm pretty sure there's an Israeli version of Nickelback, and I'm pretty sure my husband is listening to it right now as a way to test my commitment.

Me: is the West Side Highway any clearer?
Taxi Driver: OH yeah! Much. Do you want to take that?
Me: Nah, lets just sit in traffic. Way more fun.

Sometimes the "correct" serving size is the entire box.

Yawning Is your body's way of saying "20% of Battery Remaining."

The key to getting a seat all to yourself on NJ Transit during rush hour is to blast your music so loud that no one wants to be anywhere near you. SCORE