February 3, 2013

Some Super Bowl Beyonce and Blackout Status Updates Are Worth A Mention


If twitter has taught me anything, it's that white women LOVE beyonce

So happy for the other girl, the one who isn't Kelly Rowland... She's working again.

Wait! Beyonce didn't do all the dancing and play every single instrument herself during the Superbowl Halftime Show?! That's bullsh*t.

Of course they had to hide half of Kelly's face wth all that hair, she always been the prettiest.

Beyonce is determined to single-handedly bring shame upon all of China for their pathetic Olympic attempt at elaborate human choreography.

Beyonce just won the Super Bowl

There are so many lighting effects you could have a seizure watching this

Omfg..Destiny's Child...cue face melt.

Beyonce's Half Time Show should just be called CES Part 2.

Whether you like it or not, Beyonce OWNS all of us. #myqueen

This status has nothing to do with the superbowl. #false

Miss Knowles, if you're nasty.

I was less confused on another continent at a trade show conducted in a language I don't comprehend than I am watching #superbowl commentary

apparently the superbowl is experiencing the frustration everyone went through after Sandy... you're told there will be electricity but you know ConEd never gets it right!

Super Bowl canceled .. someone forgot to pay the power bill

This Super Bowl is about as much fun as a date with manti teos girlfriend

When the lights go back on, they should line up and then call a timeout. That would be hilarious.

Not sure what the big deal is... I blacked out in New Orleans too.