March 19, 2013

Some Facebook Status Updates Are Worth a Mention

You people made me laugh today:

I've only had the Living Social app for 1 week and these are the offers they're highlighting for me: Botox, personal training, skydiving, a foodie city excursion, two wine festivals, weight loss shots, and a home cleaning service. I'd say they fucking nailed it.

I'm sueing TJmax for frostbite. New boots just got a hole in them. A snowball is forming around my left foot...oy!

I keep walking on the wrong side of the hallway, bumping into everyone. How embarrassing. — at Facebook UK HQ.

There's some testical burglar at Yale wearing a pink polo doing the Harlem Shake who's going to be president someday. Think about that.

Considering that about 99% of what I say is for my own entertainment, I'm glad to see the new Facebook news feed including a majority of my own posts.

The lady at target couldn't scan my item and just looked at me and said "take it...i hate this fuckin place"

Lululemon pulling new line of yoga pants from stores for being too see through. It's about time they CRACK down on this problem.
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