April 12, 2013

Love Lessons From 90s Rom Coms

Romantic comedies in the 1990s were awesome. Not only did we meet some of the most sensational youth-shaping characters of our lives, but they set the stage for romantic comedies for the next 20 years. The fashion, the hair, the odd declarations of love, all set behind a backdrop of unequaled pop music and bright colors. But one thing's for sure, 90s rom-coms knew how to play the “teenage love” game, and games are what they played. Next time you're popping in your favorite 90s VHS, take some lessons from the ultimate game-changers.

Clueless: Send Yourself Flowers

Cher Horowitz has it all: money, beauty, great friends, a quick drive to the beach . . . but she just can't quite get a handle on the love thing. Before “Clueless,” we didn't know someone so shallow could also be so likable. How many of us went out and bought platforms, dressed in our sexiest outfit and wished Fred Segal was only a Wrangler-ride away? Cher's most classic moment however, had to have been when she sent herself chocolates and flowers in a vain and desperate attempt to get herself noticed.

10 Things I Hate About You: Steal a Bullhorn and Learn a Song

“10 Things I Hate About You” and “Clueless,” are both based on classic literature and introduced us to some of our favorite quintessential 90s characters. Heath Ledger's performance in 10 things pretty much solidified him as leading-man material, and Julia Stiles couldn't have been a more perfect, disaffected match for the bad boy. 10 Things proves that, no matter how (excuse us) bitchy the girl may seem, deep down she still wants her heart melted. Although breaking into a supply closet and stealing a bullhorn may get you suspended, there are equally grand (and more legal) gestures that will surely do the trick.

She's All That: Go for the Dork

“She's All That” teaches us that ponytails and glasses must mean someone is really dorky. Just kidding, but it is an awesome movie for vegging out to 90s glory. A magnificent Freddie Prinze Jr. plays the kind of man we all hope he is in real life. Rachel Leigh Cook is as gorgeous as ever, even in her falafel hat. “She's All That,” despite its unapologetic placation to stereotypes, does purvey the age-old lesson that beauty is not all that it seems. Matthew Lillard and Jodi Lyn O'Keefe make being popular look like a prison sentence, and Leigh Cooke's character proves that behind a shy exterior lurks a devoted, caring artist. It kind of makes you want to go ask out your local librarian. Bonus: Anna Paquin makes an unforgettable cameo as Freddie's goth little sister.


The 90s brought us some of the wackiest, most flare-jeaned and spaghetti-strapped heroines we've ever laid eyes on. If you haven't seen these cinematic staples, stop what your doing and have a night in with the hotties who shaped a generation.